Jordan Management Team

Mohammad Taqi Aldeen

Founder & CEO | Jordan

A systematic and aggressive professional with 12+ years experience in sales and marketing, 5+ years in operations and 7+ years in the animation industry as a character designer in the Middle East. Established and maintain genuine business relations with startups and medium enterprises in the Middle East and the Gulf Region. Loves to educate, train and support young entrepreneurs with new venturing business ideas.

Alaa Abu Rish

Founder, VP & CTO | Jordan

A visionary that handles global data systems and building enterprises infrastructure. Has a total of 7+ years experience as a CTO in the IT and multimedia industry. In addition to 8+ years as a technical creative director for commercial video production. Passionately empowers organizations and individuals who have a vision in innovative ideas that help improve real life applications in the IT sector.

Mohammad Abseh

Marketing Manager | Jordan

Responsible for managing marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities at a company or organization. Takes steps to measure, enhance, and enrich the position and image of a company through various goals and objectives.